The Penny Family

Yes, all we do is cruise and have fun!

Roger and Donnis cruising today     First Cruise 51 years ago
 Roger amd Donnis1970 Cruise

(Mom) Donnis and Roger Jr                         Roger Jr                    Roger Sr & Roger Jr (England)

              (Stoneheng) Roger Jr & Roger Sr                       Jet                              (Mom) Donnis and Roger Jr                          


Donnis   in North Carolina                                         Roger Sr                                 Roger Sr, Roger Jr & Jet

                                             Donnis and Roger Cruise to Spain on Oasis of the Seas  2016                                         Jr                    

Yes, all we do is cruise and have fun!                                                                                    Panama Canal 2012
Panama Canal 2012

12 Point Elk Killed in Montana

Elk Hunt

Bingo, "Our pet Macaw"  (Passed away at age 40 in April 2018)  We Miss Him